Our Story

This U-pick Pumpkin patch is planted, weeded, irrigated, fertilized & maintained by cousins McNeil, Preston & Chase Walker.

There are two main purposes for the U-Pick Red Barn patch…
1. For the boys to learn how to work and find out what it takes to earn and pay their own way, both daily and for future missions and schooling. It means more when it’s earned.
2. To provide an experience for those who want to learn by picking the produce from the field. See how its grown, the irrigation and growing method that allows watermelon as large as 60 lbs, cantaloupe the size of basketballs, and pumpkins exceeding 300 lbs to be grown in Idaho Falls!

Its a wonderful experience for school kids, families, special clubs and interests of all kinds! Come and pick your own fresh produce at anytime. We count on people being honest, that’s why we have a Pick n’ Pay trust system at U-Pick Red Barn. Just pick what produce you want and pay in the box by the barn door marked, “Pay Here”. It’s that easy!

We want to personally thank you for coming and enjoying these experience and activities at the RedBarn. We enjoy seeing the smiles on the children’s faces riding the train and feeding the chickens but also enjoy the smiles that it puts on your face seeing your children happy. We do our best to have the best service for you and hope you enjoy this 2016 season with us!