This 2017 season is going to be one to remember! We have some wonderful new activities and things you surely don’t want to miss! Check out the activities and new things we have added to the fun for this year!

New Activities At The Red Barn!Click Here








Ride the train!

Come Ride South East Idaho’s Biggest Train That Isn’t Owned By Union Pacific. Come One Come All To Ride This Train Around The Entire Pumpkin Patch! This Train Holds Close to 50 People Every Trip! So Bring Your Family, Bring Your Neighbors, Bring Your Mailman And Come Ride This Extremely Fun Staple Of The U-Pick Red Barn!

Explore the Barn!

This is an original barn built in the early 1930’s! That means that this barn was standing before World War 2, The First Man On The Moon, Way before the internet was even an idea in someones mind! This Barn Was Redone Over 8 Years Ago Because It Was One Big Windstorm Away From Being Knocked Down. This Barn Is Pretty Amazing Come Check It Out!

Chickens & Pheasants!

Step just outside our beautiful barn and feed the many different breeds of Chickens. Maybe you’ll even find a fresh egg that a hen just laid! I’m bettin’ your going to hear the rooster crow too; The Roosters Don’t Mind Letting Everyone Know Who Really Is In Charge. And Pheasants? YES Pheasants!! We are raising Hundreds Of Pheasants To Try And Repopulate South East Idaho With Pheasants Again!

Pick Your Pumpkins

We have over 10 varieties of Pumpkins of all shapes & sizes, kinds & colors, huge & small… you name it. We’ll provide the wagon & you come pick the ones you love most! This year we have the largest pumpkins we have ever grown just waiting for you to come and find them!

Trust us, you do not want to miss out this year, these pumpkins are some beauties!


Watch the Video to see our activities

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