Inside the Barn

This is an original barn build in the 1930’s. Come see the inside restored, the original antique stove that warms it & then climb up in the loft & see what’s waiting for you there!

Step just outside our beautiful barn & you can feed the CHICKENS! Maybe you’ll even find a fresh egg that a hen just laid! I’m bettin’ your going to hear the rooster crow too; he’s always wanting everyone to know that THESE HENS are HIS! You won’t believe how many colors our chickens are — red, white, black, red/white, black/white, and more! Their eggs are all different colors too — white, brown, blue, and green. Good chance you’d even get a double yolk-er! Happened to me the other morning; I asked for 2 eggs and some toast and ended up with 4 yolks! Twin’s Twice!!

Be sure to bring a “quarter” so YOU can feed them all! The chickens and Pheasants are very friendly and are really hoping you’ll feed them some yummy dried meal worms from the vending machine. It’s their favorite treat and you can bet they’ll be your best friend for ever after that!